Critical Reflection

First and foremost, I would say that each of the CPD lessons is informative and enriching. Each class was filled with engaging assignments which allowed us to present our ideas to the fellow classmates. Previously mentioned in my introduction post on the blog, I stated that I tend to get nervous speaking in front of the audiences. Through various class presentations, it built up my self-confidence.

Secondly, the interpersonal communication skills taught in class were applicable especially in the field of my studies or even in daily life. I have learned that body gestures played a crucial role in communication and it often speaks louder than the things we said.  The instructional units were prepared specially to the various topics we are learning each and every week. Moreover, each assignment was done with random partners. Within a short period of time, I was able to learn with my partners. Honestly, it was the very first time a lecturer gave instructions like this. However, I thought it was good as it aids in further bonding with each of my classmates. We managed to exchange our knowledge while preparing for the assignments.

Particularly, the topic of conflict management was able to deeply connect with me as I am bad at handling conflicts hence the topic was relevant. It is essential to manage a conflict before it turns right into a disaster. A blog post was written by each of us and various responses were written by the classmates on how they would solve the interpersonal issue.

The group project actually boosts our thinking skills, especially with the brainstorming of our chosen topic. It enabled us to place ourselves in the shoes of the guests while thinking of the service recovery process. Our topic: “How to win an angry customer back?” is extremely relatable in the hospitality industry. The almost weekly meetings with the team members taught us how important it is to take note of the meeting minutes. Moreover, the training video definitely provided valuable insights to me and also the rest of my classmates. The group project was a proficient method to learn deeper into each interpersonal communication problem.

All in all, the Career and Professional Development module greatly aids in preparing each of us for the upcoming adulthood. With this module in place, I can gladly say that I have more confidence in presenting my ideas and it definitely helped especially for people in the hospitality field. This module will not be as successful without the guidance of our very dedicated Senior Lecturer, Brad. I would like to thank you for making the effort to read each of our blogs and even replied to us all. Thanks for reminding me that communication is two way and it is important to give responses to a message. Despite the end of this module, I would continue to improve myself in terms of communication and writing skills.


One thought on “Critical Reflection

  1. Dear Sze Pei,

    Thank you for this finely detailed, heartfelt reflection on the CPDII module. I’m glad you found so much of it to be useful and that overall the tasks and activities proved to be a good learning experience for you. It warms my heart that, in particular, you found areas such as conflict management and the numerous class presentations as helpful. It’s also nice to know that your project focus, the weekly project meetings and the in-depth study of ‘winning back an angry customer’ resonated with you. I hope you can transfer some of the skills and know-how learned or polished in CPDII to your future study and work.

    Finally, I appreciate your many contributions and positive attitude toward the module during the term, Sze Pei.

    I wish you the best as you continue your learning journey!



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